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HP Daily

a Harry Potter fanfiction challenge community

HP Daily Challenges
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About The Community
HP Daily is a community for Harry Potter fanfiction. There will be challenges as well as user-submitted challenges posted daily, in which you can participate. Members are invited to take part in whichever challenges they like; it is not required to participate in every challenge provided. Following are the rules for the community, do make sure you've read them before posting.

One breach of the rules below will result in a warning. Another breach will result in a ban or, in case of severe rule-breaking, removal from the community.

If posting in response to a HP Daily challenge - do make sure that you put the story you post under a LJ-cut - please use the following header.

Warnings (if applicable):
Word Count:

There are five sorts of challenges. The 'Include This!' challenge, which will consist of six elements provided by a member or moderator. To participate in this challenge, you have to use at least three of these elements.

Secondly, there is the '100-word Drabble' challenge, which means that your story can only contain 100 words - not more and not less - on a certain subject provided by a member or a moderator.

Thirdly, there are song-fic challenges. Every Saturday, song lyrics will be posted. It is your job to come up with a suitable plot that have to do with these lyrics. It is required for you to post the lyrics through the paragraphs, making them blend in with the story. You will have until the next Saturday to submit your story. This challenge can only be hosted by a moderator.

Every once in a while, special challenges will be opened. Unlike the 'Include This!' and '100-word Drabble' challenges above, this challenge does have a deadline. There are no limitations bound to this sort of challenges, but they do have a general theme that must come forward in your story. This challenge can only be hosted by a moderator.

Hosting a Challenge
As a member, you are allowed to submit your own challenges for the community at any given time. Post a list of elements you want to see back in the stories submitted to your challenge; the more detailed, the better. Have fun coming up with wacky and crazy challenges of your own!

To reward members for excellent writing, awards are given out to the stories that responded best to the special challenges and the song-fic challenges, as chosen by the moderator. There will be a general announcement posted in the community, and owls will be sent out to the winners as well. Good luck in the contests!

Anything unclear? Something you don't understand? Want to know about the challenges or HP Daily in general? Don't be afraid to owl me at taintedblackrose[@]hotmail.com.

Nearly goodbye
If you respond to a challenge, but post it outside of the community, we would love it if you'd link back to us. In other words, you do have to look out for the moderatoress' bar of perfumed soap that is being hurled at your head, if you don't. *cackle*

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Sister Communities:
If you have a Harry Potter/multifandom challenge community and you want to be affiliates, let me know!


HP Daily is run bytaintedmoonrose.