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[icon] Valentine's Day ... Sort Of! - HP Daily
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Subject:Valentine's Day ... Sort Of!
Time:10:39 am
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Challenge: February 14 Challenge
Characters: D/G, H/Hr, R/L
Notes: I tweaked the first requirement a bit. A bit of fluff. Not quite how I wanted it to turn out, but the chracters had other plans for this story. Comments appreciated.

Valentine’s Day…Sort Of

“Come on, Ginny! Get out of bed. Our reservations at Madame Puddifoot’s are in three hours,” called Hermione, of all people.

Ginny’s head felt like it weighed a ton. “Ugh,” came her nasally reply.

“Uh-oh. I don’t think Draco is going to fancy you with a red nose,” said Hermione in mock seriousness.

“What?” she bellowed as she jumped out of bed to rush toward the mirror. “Not today. It took me ages to convince him to go in the first place! And not today is ruined. So much for Valentine’s Day!”

“We have plenty of time. Let’s just go up to the Infirmary and get you some Pepper-Up Potion, and then we’ll be off.”

“Right. As if Madame Pomfrey is going to let me leave the Infirmary after I’ve had the sniffles.”

“Well you can’t go on like that all day. Maybe, you could get Draco to steal some from Snape’s private stores.”

Ginny glared at Hermione. “How do you know he keeps Pepper-Up Potion in his privatestores?”

“I help him brew the potions for the Infirmary. Why in blazes do you think he even bothers to give me detention anymore?” she asked as a blush tinged her cheeks.

“Why, Hermione Granger, I think you fancy our dear Professor Bat.”

“Hurry, up. We don’t have all day, you know. Get dressed and I’ll go find Draco.”

“Why do you always get to go,” Ginny whined.

“Because it doesn’t look odd for the Head Girl to go looking for the Head Boy.”

“Oh,” Ginny sighed. “Alright, you go, and I’ll meet you both outside of the Portrait in twenty minutes.”

Hermione left to fetch Draco as Ginny quickly got ready for her day.


Ginny emerged from behind the Portrait of the Fat Lady, who was quite huffy. “Well, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, dear. It is only polite to wish me a good day, seeing as I’ll be spending it alone.”

Draco stepped in, executing the good grace that was a by-product of his breeding. “My Dear Lady,” he said, keeping the mocking tone from his voice, “allow me to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Pft,” was the thanks he got. Draco glared at the Fat Lady and turned his focus to Ginny. “Well, I hear and see you aren’t feeling too well.” Ginny moved in for a hug. “Hey, hey, no kissing until you take this,” he said, producing a bottle of Pepper-Up Potion from his robes.

“Thank you, Draco.” Ginny accepted the potion and drank down the fowl brew. She grimaced as the smoke poured from her ears. She turned red, but she wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or from the potion working.

“Don’t thank me too much,” he began. “I was caught by Snape filching that for you. I’ve been confined to the castle for today.”

Ginny’s face fell. She had been looking forward to Madame Puddifoot’s. But he had done this for her, perhaps a day in the castle wouldn’t be so bad, after all. Draco caught her fallen expression and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Forgive me, Love?” he asked.

“Of course.”

Hermione cleared her throat to remind the two that she was still there. “You know, I have the perfect solution to this problem. You two meet me here in an hour. I have to find Harry and con…get him ready.”

Hermione vanished down the corridor, leaving Draco and Ginny alone.

“What ever will we do with ourselves for an hour,” asked Draco, smirking deviously.

“Hmm… I do hear that the Astronomy Tower is quite nice this time of year,” she replied.

“As did the rest of the school. Every bloody first year will be in line waiting, for Merlin knows what ever they expect to happen.”

“Well, it was an idea,” she replied sharply. “I don’t here you coming up with any good ideas.”

“Give me a minute to think of one!”

“Don’t you take that tone with me, Draco Malfoy. I am not one of your minions!”

“I am well aware of who you are not.”

“Oh, and what is that supposed to mean?”

“It means I know what you are and I shouldn’t have been so rude to you,” he yelled.

“Then why are we yelling?”

“I don’t know.”

“Sorry,” whispered Ginny. “This whole thing is my fault. If I hadn’t gotten sick, we’d be well on our way to Hogsmeade.”

“It’s just a place. I have fun as long as you’re here.” Draco leaned in to kiss her, he got as far brushing his lips against hers, when he felt a rather hard poke on his shoulder.

“I thought I told you to keep your bloody hands off of my sister,” said Ron in his deepest, angriest voice.

“Listen here, Weasel, your sister and I are dating. Have been for the better part of a year, I am tired of going through this every time I come to collect her for one of our dates. I have passed the Weasley Screening Test, and your father has deemed me an appropriate match for your sister. So, kindly, sod off.”

“Get your hands off my sister. You aren’t good enough for her. You took that bloody Mark and you went to him whenever he called.”

“As a spy!”

“That doesn’t matter.”

Ginny had had enough. She usually let them get this sort of thing out of their system, but she wasn’t going to stand this anymore.

“Ronald Weasley!” she bellowed putting her hands on her hips in a stellar imitation of her mother. “How many times must you do this? Get it through that thick head of yours that I am dating Draco Malfoy, and will do so until I see fit to either marry him or tell him to sod off myself. You go to your room and do whatever it is you do or go and find Luna. I am sure she will appreciate spending time with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.”

“Ginny, you shouldn’t talk to me like that. I am your older brother.”

Ginny ignored him. “Come on Draco, I am not even going to dignify that with a response.”

Draco took Ginny by the crook of her arm and in a stage whisper said, “Come on Gin, my room is empty.” He smirked over his shoulder at Ron. Ron in turn punched what he thought was the wall, and ended up greatly offending the Fat Lady, as his fist met with her stomach.
Ron was doomed to stand in the corridor until some other Gryffindor came along to coax the Fat Lady to open.


Hermione had gone to seek out Harry. He was in his usual thinking spot, an abandoned classroom on the seventh floor, looking out the window.

“Hey. Happy Valentine’s Day,” she whispered.

“Hey, sorry, I didn’t realize the time. Are you ready to go then?”

“That is what I came to talk to you about. You see Ginny…” she told him of the morning’s events.

“Hermione, can’t you just set it up and leave them?”

“You promised that we could allgo, besides, you did promise Ron you would chaperone.”

“But we can get out of it.”

“Please, Harry. I mean it is the Room of Requirement, it knows exactly what we need,” she whispered in a sultry voice.

Harry contemplated that for a moment and with a heavy sigh acquiesced to her request.


Hermione knew better than to expect Draco and Ginny to be waiting for her in front of the Gryffindor Common Room. She sent Hedwig to find them with a note. It was safer than walking in on anything.

Harry and Hermione waited outside the Room of Requirement. Harry walked in front of the tapestry three times and waited for the door to appear.

“Would you like to go in first, or shall I?” he asked.

“You go on ahead. Start in on the Butterbeer, I am sure that it is ready and waiting in there somewhere.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind my drinking?”

“You and Draco are going to be in the same room together for more than twenty minutes. You had best be drinking!” she quipped.


Hermione waited for Ginny and Draco, who appeared on time, looking disheveled.

“Looks like you two had fun.”

Ginny blushed and Draco smirked.

“Well?” asked Ginny.

“Harry and I gave up our day in Hogsmeade and set this up.”

“Is Ron coming?” asked Draco.


“Thank Merlin,” sighed Ginny.


Things were going well. Draco and Harry were each drinking a lot of Butterbeer. They were actually having a conversation, about Quidditch, of course.

“You can’t do that!” insisted Draco.

“Oh, but I did, straight down at the ground and pulled the broom up seconds before obliterating myself.”


“Oh, you’re just jealous because you can’t do it.”

“I am not stupid enough to try. I’d like to keep my neck in one piece, thanks.”

Ginny and Hermione were bored. “There’s nothing like spending Valentine’s Day listening to our boyfriends talking about Quidditch,” mused Hermione as she sipped her Butterbeer.

Ginny nodded her head and took a swig of her own drink. Both young women were interrupted by the sound of chairs sliding across hardwood floors and a table crashing over.

“You are not!”

“I am too a better Seeker than you!” Harry yelled as he swayed a bit to the left as he made his way toward Draco.

Draco ducked, to avoid Harry’s punch, just as Ginny had rushed up behind him to hold him back. Harry’s fist connected with her jaw. Ginny screamed and fell backward. Hermione caught her, barely. Draco and Harry just stared, utterly stunned.

Harry broke the silence. “Ginny, I am so sorry, I wasn’t supposed to hit you! I was supposed to hit that wanker, you call a boyfriend.”

“No, you are the wanker Harry Potter,” retorted Ginny as she rubbed her jaw. “This is such a wonderful bloody day! Happy Valentine’s Day to me!”


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Time:2005-02-14 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yes, a very Ron thing to do...I found it amusing, as I really wanted to punch the Fat Lady in PoA..but that is a totally different discussion. Thanks for the comment. And I hope you feel better...colds do suck, I just got rid of mine.
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